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Witnessing is a vital, and often missed, way of growth in our Christian walks. Fear of rejection or not knowing what to say can keep us from sharing. Watch this week’s video to see an easy way you can get started in sharing your faith. Grow deeper by taking our online course:

Share Life Today is a brief daily source of encouragement to share your faith paired with practical equipping tools and examples to help you get started or share your faith more often.

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New Beginnings

Dear reader, take heart. Change is possible. It can be slow, but it is worth it. We can create new, wonderful habits that will grow us closer to Christ! But we must realize that the change does not come from ourselves—it comes from the Holy Spirit. When we rely on our Bulwark, our Fortress, our Defender, our Rock—that is when we can do the hard thing and create the new habit. And nothing matters more than our relationship with Jesus. So whether you are a new believer or a seasoned saint, let’s make the resolution to grow deeper in our faith. And I have some key principles you can implement in your life—slowly and surely—with the help of the Holy Spirit! And you will find that by the end of 2023, things will look a little different, and you will ring in the next new year closer to God. So let’s get started!

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Learn how to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ by simply using one hand.