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Join us as we explore how to grow in discipleship—especially across age groups. Mentoring can be challenging, but it is so worth it.

Share Life Today is a brief daily source of encouragement to share your faith paired with practical equipping tools and examples to help you get started or share your faith more often.

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Our Task

The last session of that 2019 Congress was a stunning performance by our EE South Korean team, excitedly welcoming us to Jeju Island, South Korea, for the upcoming 2022 Congress of Nations! It was anticipated to be our biggest and best event entry yet. Jeju Island allowed entrance to people from almost every nation on earth without a visa…solving many of the previous Congresses’ issues and concerns. We were all incredibly optimistic!


One of the core philosophies of Evangelism Explosion is one-to-one, in-person discipleship training for the purpose of personal witness and spiritual multiplication. In light of our rapidly changing world, how could we do that? Would we ever be able to gather people like that again?

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Gospel Hand Presentation

Learn how to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ by simply using one hand.