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Watch this week’s video as another resource to use to start serving where God has placed you. Our communities are in desperate need of the Gospel!

Share Life Today is a brief daily source of encouragement to share your faith paired with practical equipping tools and examples to help you get started or share your faith more often.

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Over the first 25 days of December, join John Sorensen as he talks about the life-changing person of Jesus—the Christ of Christmas.

Enjoy this thought-provoking message from our seventh episode, and come back for more content each day leading up to Christmas. Check out the Christ of Christmas website for more content and to see how the whole narrative of the Bible points to the greatest gift given to man, our Savior Jesus Christ!

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O, What A Savior

The Bible says, “The wages of sin is death…” And Christ paid it. Jesus was born to die. And He did it readily, for you and for me. This Christmastime, let us thank our Savior for coming to earth, for choosing to suffer and die, and for loving us so deeply.

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